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BANKs & FINANCIAL institutes


Krystal Hygienic Glass Dividers and Sneeze Guards are essential for a high-traffic area such as a bank. Tellers and other bank employees come in contact with many people in a day, and our sneeze guards can be installed directly to the desk of an employee or in the reception area. 


Acrylic and Plexiglas sneeze guards are temporary, substandard solutions to a safety issue that goes far beyond COVID-19. Our Krystal Hygienic Glass Dividers and Sneeze Guards are frameless, modern, easy to clean, and are installed securely to avoid shifting or falling. A pass-through or speak-through opening can easily be added to your design. Our sneeze guards and dividers not only give customers a good first impression, they also instill confidence in your establishment!

Call 1-800-SHOWERS or Request an Appointment Online. Our Product Knowledge Expert will meet with you either virtually or on-site to provide you with a professionally written estimate. Convenient appointment times are available.

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