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sneeze guards


Krystal Hygienic Glass Sneeze Guards are essential to maintain the health and safety of both staff and clients in commercial environments like hotels, restaurants, banks, dental practices, and medical offices. They’re perfect for food courts, reception counters and desks, and other walk-up settings, as well as between booths and tables for dine-in areas. 

Acrylic and Plexiglas sneeze guards are temporary, substandard solutions to a safety issue that goes far beyond COVID-19. Our Krystal Hygienic Glass Dividers and Sneeze Guards are frameless, modern, easy to clean, and are installed securely to avoid shifting or falling. Feeling safe, your customers or patients can relax as they interact at your establishment. 


Call 1-800-SHOWERS or Request an Appointment Online. Our Product Knowledge Expert will meet with you either virtually or on-site to provide you with a professionally written estimate. Convenient appointment times are available. 

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